VLC : Record Desktop screen using VLC Media Player / Use VLC as Desktop Screen Recorder

Record Desktop Screen using VLC Media Player

VLC : Record Desktop screen using VLC Media Player / Use VLC as Desktop Screen Recorder

As you know VLC Media Player is very popular media player, in addition to playing videos, many features are also available but we only use it Normally only to watch our saved videos. Today I will tell you to record your desktop with VLC Media Player or to say that I use VLC Media Player as a screen recorder and this gives a very good screen record, video quality is also very high, You will know that if you purchase a professional screen recorder software, then how much cost comes? But by using this method, you can record the desktop screen very easily. Follow the steps given below to record the screen:

Step 1:
Required : VLC Media Player
In this process, we need VLC Media Player installed in our computer system, If you have not installed it, download it and install it and open the VLC Media Player.
click here for download VLC Media Player

Step 2:
There is a Media button in the left corner side in VLC Media Player, click on it.

Step 3:
After this you have to select the option of the Stream or you can also use shortcuts of CTRL + S.

Step 4:
Now a popup window will open in which you have to click on the Capture Device.

Step 5:
Now you have to select Desktop in Capture Mode.

Step 6:
Now you have to set the Frame Rate, for a normal video, you select between 30-60.

Step 7:
Now you will see a Drop Down Button in the side of Stream button in the bottom of the popup windows
1. Click on dropdown button and
2. now you have to click on Convert .

Step 7:
Finally, you have to choose the Profile, that means the format or type of the video.

Step 8:
Now you have to select the output destination, for this you click on the Browse Button.

Step 9:
Now enter the name of your output file. Here I am saving my output file in the Document folder as exampleAfter recording, our video will show in the same folder as "example.mp4"

Step 10:
Now you have to click on Start button and recording will start.

Step 11:
Now our screen recording has started, now everything you do in your computer system will be screen recorded, The time of screen recording is in the left side at the bottom and, there is a Stop Button below it, if you want to stop the video recording then you can click on the Stop Button the video recording of your screen will stop.

#. *The video will be saved with your given name on your given destination / path.

Thank You.

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