SMS Bombing With Android

SMS Bombing Using Android Device

What is SMS Bombing ?
SMS Bombing means sending a continuous message on any mobile number, so that the Victim is spoiled, with SMS Bombing, you can send a lot of messages to any mobile number continuously. by the way, for SMS Bombing we need a Different Different API. And many online websites are also available for SMS Bombing. But today I will tell you about an Android application named BOMbitUp with the help of which you can do SMS Bombing on any mobile number or can send continuously and all these messages have to be showed like registered on many websites in the same way when you register using a mobile number on a website and a OTP of that website comes to you.

This application also works in the same way, the API key of many websites is available in this application with whose helps in sending sms and using this application is also very simple. By following these steps, you can do SMS bombing very easily. 

Remember that this article is for educational purpose only , for understanding the concept of SMS Bombing , use it for fun not for disturbing and taking revenge from anyone. 

Step 1:-
BOMBitUp Click on the image to download and install the application on your Android phone. or Click here for download.

Step 2:-

Now open the BOMBitUp Application.

Step 3:-
Enter the target's mobile number in the phone number field and enter the number of times you have to send the message in the Count field maximum limit is 150.

SMS Bombing With Android

Step 4:-
Tap the Delay button and set the time, this will set the delay time of the message, It is important to have a gap of how much time between the messages, then do the Apply on the application.

SMS Bombing With Android

Step 5:-
Now everything is ready, you just have to tap on the BOMBIT button and the messages will start sending.

SMS Bombing With Android
Tips:  You must add your mobile number to the Protect List so that no other person can message you by using this application..

Thank you.