Termux | Call & SMS with Termux

Make Call and SMS with Termux

Termux | Call & SMS with Termux

Hello friends, we need termux-api to call or message with the help of Termux, First of all, we have to install termux-api in termux applicatio. you can install Termux application from Google PlayStore and open it. You can install termux-api from direct google play store for this, you have to open Google Play store in your phone and search Termux API  or you can also install it with the help of command line, For that you need to open Termux application in your Android device and then follow these steps. :-

Step 1:-

After executing this command in termux, termux-api will be successfully installed  in your termux application.

Step 2:-

I. Calling With Termux

Command Syntax: termux-telephony-call "phone-number"
You have to copy and paste these commands in the Termux application in the second step.

After this, a popup will come to select the SIM card and you select your SIM card and your call will be connected.

II. SMS With Termux

Command Syntax: termux-sms-send -n phone-number your-message

To do SMS with termux, you must copy and paste this command into your termux application and by typing the phone number and your message, after pressing "enter" the message will be sent to your given number.

Thank you.