VLC on Linux | Installing VLC Media Player on linux and fix error "VLC not supported to be run as root"

Installing VLC Media Player On Linux and fix error.

"VLC not supported to be run as root"


Hello friends, as we all know that VLC Media Player is very famous media player, It can be installed in almost all computer systems, irrespective of the operating system (Windows, Linux and Mac). Its interface and look is quite attractive and it is also very easy to use. Although it is very easy to install VLC Media Player but on running it with the root user of Linux, we get an error message ("VLC not supported to be run as root"), It is also very easy to fix for the root user of Linux, You simply login your Linux system with the root user and follow these steps, your error will be solved and the VLC media player will run in your Linux computer without any errors.

Step 1:-

Installing VLC Media Player

Installing VLC in Linux is very easy, for this you open your terminal and copy and paste this command into your terminal or you can also download the VLC from its official website..

Click Here for Download

Step 2:-
Fixing Error "VLC not supported to be run as root

Now in your Linux system the walls have been successfully installed, now you write the command in the terminal and press Enter

VLC is not running we got a error message, we are now executing this command in our terminal to fix the error.. 


If you follow all these processes properly, then your VLC Media Player will run with the root user of Linux as well.

Now if you type the vlc in your terminal, your vlc will be run.


Thank you.