Bypass File Manager Lock on Android and access all the data using Google Chrome

Bypass Android File Manager Lock With Google Chrome

Hello friends, as you know, it is easy to lock the application in Android phone and in today's time, everyone wants to keep their personal data hidden most and that's why they keep their gallery file manager locked but we can access all the files and folders of a Android mobile by bypassing the lock of file manager and can also access the data of photos, videos and applications folders, for this we have to open Google Chrome in the mobile in which the file manager is locked and typing this link in the browser's link bar and as soon as searching, all the files and folders of that android mobile will start showing in the browser, after that you can open it and see whatever data it contains, that too without unlocking the file manager.

Bypass File Manager Lock on android using Google Chrome

If you want to be safe from this, then you have to lock your file manager and gallery as well as your web browsers.