How To Identify Passwords Hashes Format

How To Identify Passwords Hashes Format

How To Identify Hash Code Format

Why do we need to Identify hash format ?
We need to know the format of the hash to crack or decode the hash passwords/texts from it, only then we can easily crack the hash.

Before identifying hashes, we need to understand what is hash and hash format.

What is Hash ?
If we encode any normal text in a special format, it is called a hash. some example of hash format is MD5, SHA-1, SHA-512 etc..

What is hash function ?
Hash functions are very useful and are present in almost all information security applications. It is a mathematical function that converts a statistical input value into a more compressed numeric value. The input of the hash function is of arbitrary length but its output is always of a fixed length.

The values ​​returned by the hash function are called message digest or it is also called hash value.

Identifying the Hash format Using Hash-Identifier Tool in Kali Linux

Step 1:

Installing Hash-Identifier:

Open Your terminal from dock and type this command for install the hash-identifier

If you had already installed it, then launch this tool with the help of this command.

How To Identify Hash Code Format

Step 2:

Now you have to paste the hash of any hash format into it, then press enter.

How To Identify Hash Code Format

After that it will show you the possible formats of your hash.