How to Install Kali NetHunter in Rootless Android Phone or Without Root access

How to Install Kali NetHunter in Rootless Android Phone or Without Root access

In this article  we will learn how Kali Nethunter can be easily installed on a unrooted/rootless Android device and how it can be easily used  in  CLI and GUI mode. So read this article carefully and follow all the steps thoroughly.

Kali NetHunter:
Kali NetHunter is a great platform for Android Mobile Penetration Testing that works on rooted Android devices, but right now the rootless version of Kali NetHunter is also available for the unrooted Android device, which can be used by installing it on your Android device with some limitations.
For more information about Kali NetHunter click here.

Follow these steps carefully to install Kali NetHunter on your Android device.

Step 1:

Some tools have to be required to install Kali NetHunter on Android Device.

i. Termux:
   You can install it from Google Play Store or click here for download & install

ii. NetHunter Kex: (VNC Viewer)
    You can install it form Kali Net Hunter Store or click here for download & install

Step 2:

Now open you Termux Application and type or copy paste the command above

tap on allow for allowing the storage permission for termux.

Step 3:

Now we have to download the Kali NetHunter installation script, for this, copy and paste  this command... 

After downloading the script copy and paste this command

It will download the important packages and  rootfs file system after that the image file of the Kali NetHunter  will be downloaded, it is approximately 1.6 GB, so it may take some time.

Now all the files have been downloaded and extracted. Now press y to delete the rootfs file....

Kali NetHunter successfully has been installed, now the commands of how to run it with Termux are also being shown. Type this command to run NetHunter.

Kali NetHunter has been run successfully in CLI mode.

Step 4:

To use Kali NetHunter in GUI mode, we have to configure the password of VNC server, for this type this command and after type the password and verify the password you can set view only password as same as.

Now we will start the VNC server , for this type kex

Now the VNC server has started, you can see its information such as display number, port number etc.

Step 5:

Now you can connect it with any VNC viewer, but we have already installed NetHunter kex application for this, 
Open the NetHunter kex and fill the information according to whatever information is available in Termux and tap on the connect button the connection will be established and the Desktop environment of Kali NetHunter will be show. 

After the successfully connection established , you can do any thing in Kali NetHunter.

Thank You.