Telegram | Installing Telegram on Linux

Installing Telegram on Linux

Hello Friends, as you know that Telegram is a very famous messaging application in which you get the convenience of privacy and data encryption, it is a cloud based messaging application in which your media files are not automatically stored in your storage, most of it the good feature is that you can add many countless people in groups or channel, It also has a bot feature that makes group management a lot easier. Well first it was just available for Android device additional now it can be installed in your Linux computer.
Follow these steps for installing Telegram in you Linux computer here I am using Kali Linux.

Step 1:
Open your terminal from dock and copy the above command and paste in your terminal.

sudo apt install telegram-desktop

You have successfully installed Telegram Desktop on your Linux computer.

Step 2:

now you have to open it, copy and paste this command in your terminal to open Telegram Desktop Application.

telegram application

Thank you.